Naughty cockapoo puppy tries to ‘help’ owner wrap Christmas presents and chaos ensues

Making all the preparations for Christmas can be stressful at the best of times – throw a new puppy into the mix and chaos ensues, as this hilarious TikTok video shows.

The amusing clip posted by @demi_n_mia shows an increasingly frustrated owner trying to contain her hyperactive cockapoo puppy long enough to wrap a single Christmas present.

But the excitable pup is far too captivated by the sight of sticky tape and wrapping paper, and the whole scene descends into mayhem as the little cockapoo tries to claim them as her new toys.

The beginning of the clip shows that her owner isn’t off to the most promising start, as she tries separately to pry some tape out of the puppy’s mouth.

Undeterred, the cockapoo can then be seen rolling around on the floor as she toys with a piece of tape stuck over her nose. The naughty pup then picks up the roll of tape and quickly runs off with it.

She later turns her attention to the wrapping paper, chewing the sheet that her owner is trying to wrap a present in, before making several more attempts to steal her new favourite toy – the roll of tape.

The funny video has had over a million views on TikTok, with fellow dog owners sharing their similar struggles.

“They do not grow out of it either,” one commenter warned.

But most were forgiving of the pup’s mischievous nature, with another user saying: “This is the sweetest thing I have ever seen.”

The little cockapoo isn’t the only dog who’s been getting herself into trouble over the festive season.

Sandy’s owners had an unexpected emergency trip to the vet last Christmas, after the spaniel helped himself to an entire supersize Toblerone from under the tree.

Sandy’s owners rushed downstairs when they heard a suspicious rustling at 1am on Christmas morning, to find that the dog had scoffed all 750g of the bar.

Luckily the vet was able to make sure the pup was okay after snacking on the chocolate, which is highly toxic to dogs, and his owners vow that the door to the living room “will definitely be shut this Christmas Eve”.