‘Knackered’ postman who left woman, 72, lying in snow after fall sacked by Royal Mail

A postman who told an elderly woman lying on her doorstep after she slipped on ice that he was too “knackered” to help has been sacked by Royal Mail.

Postie Thomas McCafferty ignored the pleas for help from Patricia Stewart, 72, as she lay on the steps of her home in Falkirk, Scotland, last February in freezing conditions, in one of the coldest winters for 26 years.

A Royal Mail spokesperson this morning confirmed that McCafferty had left the company, Daily Record reports.

“We have been in touch with the customer concerned to express our apologies again and to update them following the conclusion of the investigation,” he continued.

“We have also now completed our internal investigation but we are unable to comment further on any outcome for confidentiality reasons.”

Patricia shouted for help for around 20 minutes after slipping on ice and hitting her head outside her home.

When the distraught gran-of-two, from Bainsford saw the postman she thought her ordeal was over.

Footage of the shocking incident captured by Patricia’s neighbour’s doorbell camera and shared online showed McCafferty standing over Patricia as she let out a moan, before saying something to the postie.

But in response, McCafferty said “I can’t help you pal” and proceeded to explain that he was ‘too knackered’ to assist the pensioner after her fall.

He then left the stricken OAP without even calling for help.

Thankfully, 22-year-old Hermes driver Karolina Domska found Mrs Stewart crying in the snow 20 minutes after the fall and helped her back into her house.

Mrs Stewart’s family fear she could have died in the freezing conditions, with the pensioner – who walks with a Zimmer frame – suffering from bone disease osteoporosis.

Niece Sheryl Harkins said: “What this gentleman did is disgusting. He deserves everything he is going to get.

“He shouldn’t be working with the public.”

Grandmother-of-two Patricia, who lives alone, said she felt dizzy and fell from the top step, banging her head.

With the postman ignoring her pleas for help, she said she feared she might have been “lying there for hours”.

At the time Patricia told The Sun : “Twenty minutes I was shouting ‘help’ and I was crying.

“I was lying partly in the snow and I banged my head. She added: “Even if he was knackered, at the end of the day that’s his job.”

The gran said she was left with a lump the size of an egg on her head following the incident.

Ms Harkins previously said she was still awaiting an apology from the postman.

An investigation was launched by the Royal Mail and McCafferty was initially suspended , while an area manager later visited Ms Stewart to apologise in person and bring her chocolates.

At the time, the company said it expects “the highest standards of behaviour” from employees.

“We regularly remind our postmen and postwomen of the important role they play in their local communities,” a company spokesperson added.

“We have been in touch with the customer concerned to apologise and to inform them we are investigating this incident.”

“We are sorry for the distress this incident has caused.”