Hero vet saves puppy’s life after poor pooch chokes on pebble in garden

A hero vet has saved a puppy’s life after the poor pooch choked on pebble in a garden.

Footage shows the steady-handed expert save the three-month old Jetta, a German Shepherd, after she guzzled the stone while playing in her owner’s garden.

The pooch’s owner noticed the pup was struggling to breathe and rushed her to the vets.

Staff at Avonvale Veterinary Centre, Stratford-upon-Avon, took an X-ray which showed the pebble was stuck in her windpipe.

Vets made several attempts to remove the slippery rock unsuccessfully and clinical director Simon Davies dashed to help from an animal hospital in Warwick.

The footage shows Mr Davies using a videoscope to locate the pebble before carefully removing it from the pup’s airway.

Vet Sarah Ives told CoventryLive: “Jetta arrived in a collapsed state and was gasping for breath.

“We straight away provided oxygen therapy and tried to ascertain what was causing the obstruction.

“As we couldn’t see anything obvious, we decided to intubate (insert a tube into her windpipe to provide air) and examine her under general anaesthetic.

“Jetta’s colour immediately improved and she was stable enough for us to take an X-ray.

“We very quickly found the problem. There was a stone wedged in her bronchi (airways to the lungs) but fortunately it had only blocked one side of her airways, so she was still able to pass some air.

“It remained a serious situation, though, so we called our clinical director Simon Davies, who came over from our Warwick animal hospital to help deal with the case.

“He arrived with a videoscope which he passed down Jetta’s throat to locate the stone and carefully retrieve it.

“It was quite a difficult procedure, as the stone was very smooth and kept sliding away from the instrument he was using to try and secure it.

“We all let out a cheer and breathed a sigh of relief when he did manage to grasp the stone and carefully pull it up and out of Jetta’s airway.

“Jetta improved quickly. She was put on a course on antibiotics and was allowed back home to her grateful family that evening.

“She’s one very lucky girl as it was the team’s quick thinking and actions which very much saved Jetta’s life.”