Real-life Rapunzel’s hair is so long strangers refuse to believe her age

The speed at which babies grow a full head of hair varies significantly – some fail to show any hair until they are a full-grown toddler whole others are both with voluminous locks.

But two-year-old Dollie is being compared to Princess Rapunzel for the similarities in their luscious long locks.

The little girl made headlines when she was born with an extraordinary thick head of hair, and two years later her locks are even more impressive – growing all the way to the bottom of her back.

Her mum, Katie Canham, 34, says strangers now continuously compare her young tot to Rapunzel whenever they catch a glimpse of her locks.

But Dollie’s brothers and sisters – Archie, 12, Ellie, 9, Reggie, 4 and Sonnie, 1 – don’t share her impressive hair.

Dollie, from Bromley in South London, got her first haircut when she was just three months old – and Katie now dedicates almost half an hour each morning to styling her daughter’s hair.

Katie said: “It reaches all the way down to the bottom of her back now. I’ve never seen a toddler with hair like this before.

“People always say to us that she is like a little Rapunzel because of how much hair she has.

“And then when I tell them that she is two, they just can’t believe it.

Katie went to state that strangers often fail to believe Dollie is only two years old as she looks much older than her actual age due to the ‘sheer amount of hair she has’.

She continued: “People’s reaction is funny. But she loves her long hair and so do I.”

Katie expresses that her daughter’s hair can be quite a challenge to deal with in the morning, as it tends to get very knotty.

And if she is tasked with also washing her hair, that then adds another 20 minutes to the 30 minutes she already spends styling – but admits her daughter does enjoy the pampering session.

But if Dollie could have her way with styling her hair, she’d leave it all down – something her mum just can’t allow it.

She added: “But I can’t let her have it down all the time because of how knotted it gets, and she sometimes gets things stuck in it.

Katie admits she has enjoyed going to YouTube to watch hair tutorials to teach her new style for Dollie.

And her daughter certainly makes it a more pleasurable experience as she sits ever so still through the styling.