Buying Diamonds Online Vs In Store

Many people still prefer to shop for their diamond jewelry in a store. It’s more comforting when making a purchase that size to see and feel it yourself. That being said, there are also many advantages to buying a diamond online. These days, it’s a much more convenient and safe way to buy diamonds. It is becoming so popular it’s starting to put the big diamond jewelry stores out of business, diamonds princess and for good reason. Here is a list of advantages and disadvantages to buying diamonds online.


1. Prices Are Lower

Diamonds are expensive no matter which way you cut it (no pun intended). The online stores have a major advantage to retailers: No overhead. The costs of store rentals, staff, security, and inventory are all factored into the price of your diamond, no matter how much they tell you it’s a good deal.

2. Bigger Selection

Stores only have so much room to stock their merchandise. Online shops, on the other hand, have a greater amount of traffic and a huge stock with readily available products. Once again, the cost of keeping fewer inventories gives you a less expensive diamond.

3. Tax-Free

As long as you don’t purchase a diamond from within your state, it cannot be taxed. As diamonds can cost in the thousands of dollars, tax can add a huge amount to your total.

4. Convenience

The ease of looking online for diamonds cannot be beat. You can look on your break at work, when you’re sipping your coffee on a Sunday morning in your pajamas, or while sitting on a beach on vacation. Online retailers have such huge databases of diamonds to look through that it’s so simple to find what you’re looking for and compare diamonds to each other. Plus there are no pushy salesmen lurking over your shoulder.


1. Seeing The Diamonds In Person

As mentioned above, many people prefer to see the diamonds they are buying in person. They find it more comforting to compare them in person. This is actually a fallacy. Judging a diamond’s quality does not need to be done in person at all. Once you know the specifications of your diamond, it’s very easy to select a good one. That being said, people that know less about diamonds may want to see certain specifications in person to know that’s what they like.

2. Returns

While many online merchants offer great return policies, sometimes it is still easier to just walk back into the store. Mailing the diamond back can be a bit of a hassle, so if you prefer this convenience if you’re not 100% sure you will like the diamond, then buying in a store will be better for you.

Shopping online for a diamond is really a great way to go. It’s safe, easy, fast, and can save you a lot of money. For those that know their diamonds, they would never shop any other way.

Sarah Harris is the marketing manager for Adiamor Diamond Engagement Rings. Adiamor offers a large selection of engagement rings, engagement ring settings, and other fine diamond jewelry at affordable prices.

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